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Welcome to the new website format!

by Indrajin, 40 days ago


As you can see the site looks a little different.  Basically this is Gamer Launch's beta version (well they call it a "beta" but it sure has been in "testing" for a looooong time :P ).

I'd like to thank Rih for designing the banner.  Much better than staring at those Warlords fools that we defeated a long time ago.  Great job Rih!  Thank you to Kal as well for assistance with the new format.

Some notes on new items:

  • I added a custom section for Phoenix Podcasts in the primary navigation.  All of our podcast vids are archived there.  You can find it next to the Forum tab up above.
  • The Raid Constitution has been added next to the Guild Charter in the primary navigation.  This is to provide ease of access for newer raiders seeking info (or for anyone seeking a refresher).
  • A new forum has been added called Media.  This is a place for all members to post any of your videos, streams, audio, fiction etc.  Whatever you want.  It can be found just below the Member Discussion in the forum list.
  • The Class Discussion and Challenge Mode Dungeon forums have been removed.

Anyway, there are pros and cons to the new site format.  For example, I can't figure out how to add borders such and I don't know if I'm satisfied with the color scheme yet.  I am clearly not a website designer and don't have the time or energy to customize html and all that jazz.  But I'll keep fiddling with the controls and try some tweaking here and there.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, let me know.  Maybe we can figure out how to implement them.

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