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About Phoenix

Who is Phoenix?

Phoenix is a guild comprised of a wide spectrum of folks. Some of us have played MMO's since the days of Asheron's Call , while others are newer folks who have joined us during our last few years of adventures. We are a smaller, active guild whose members enjoy a wide variety of activities such as Achievement runs, Heroic Dungeons and relaxed 10 Man Raiding.

What is Phoenix's approach, and style of play?

Phoenix is a group of friends with a sense of family and loyalty. Our members come from all ages and backgrounds, but all of us believe in a few very important principles: Respect. Maturity. Fun. We respect all of our members' beliefs and opinions. We do not tolerate any disrespect towards any of our members, regardless of experience and level of ability. We act in a mature and patient manner in all of our dealings. We are not a l33t-uber-pwnz group of people. We believe acting in a courteous and mature manner provides for our members a safe place to be comfortable and be His or Her self. We have a good sense of humor and encourage a positive and fun attitude. And last, but not least, we like to have fun and challenge ourselves.

Apply to the guild today! (Please use your in-game name when registering)